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Jill Jacinto -The Original Millennial Aerial Ellis
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What do you think is the worst misconception generally believed about millennials?


We are all the same is the worst misconception about millennials.



What is your definition of a leader?


A person who can serve



What are you most proud of in your career thus far?


Following my purpose to fruition



What inspires you most to do the work that you do?


Millennials and the generation behind us 



What major impact do you see millennials making in the business and community?


Through creativity, technology, and working together we will change cultural norms and revision a better future. 



What advice do you have for millennials about to enter the workforce?


Learn, learn, learn. Your 20's are for learning and 30's are for earning. Open your heart and allow Christ to work within you in all areas of your life including your workplace.



What makes you an original millennial?


Pursuing originality, always challenging, always questioning 

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