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Jill Jacinto -The Original Millennial Aerial Ellis
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What do you think is the worst misconception generally believed about millennials?


The worst misconception generally believed about millennials is that they are lazy. Although many of us no longer head to factories at early hours to do physically demanding labor, we are in fact, not lazy. We work odd hours from remote locations using technology to assist us in working faster not longer. This type of work can appear to be easier than the work of previous generations but it's just different. Now more than ever, millennials are paid for their creative ideas, being the first to market with something new and innovative, which can be just as gruesome as factory labor, it's just not physical anymore.



What is your definition of a leader?


A leader is someone who absorbs fear for the others by being hopeful even in scary times. A leader typically conducts themselves in a way they wish all others did and reaches back out to support those that seem to need help.



What are you most proud of in your career thus far?


Becoming an attorney was a really big accomplishment for me, a dream I had had at a very young age. I am really proud of achieving that! 



What inspires you most to do the work that you do?


Recognition has sometimes been a strong motivator for me to do the work that I did. Praise from friends and family as well as press feel really great. However, there are more internally focused things that inspire me to do work as well, a drive to be really good at the things I do, a sense that I have the ability to change the world, and determination to continue even when I mess up. 



What major impact do you see millennials making in the business and community?

Millennials are going to make a huge impact on business and the community by demanding better experiences both at work and as a consumer. Millennials (at least in San Francisco) want catered lunch, a place to nap at work, and free espresso. They want to work from home on company provided devices and come and go as their individual needs require. As consumers they expect more seamless experiences. They want their shopping history known, they want to browse website for clothes only in their size, they want next-day, and same-day, and express options. Millennials are very focused on having great experiences, they don't put up with poor experiences. 


What advice do you have for millennials about to enter the workforce?


Millenials about to enter the workforce should consider working for themselves. It is easier these days to make a living through websites and ideas. To get funding for interesting inventions. Before millennials lose all of their creativity and get families and houses they should consider if they have any ideas worth pursuing on their own and work for themselves. 


What makes you an original millennial?


I am an original millennial because I am equal parts corporate american and start-up techie. The unique combination enables me to see two worlds that are slowly merging. I am also a child to immigrant and minority parents whose families fled wars and experienced slavery. While not where I want to be yet, I am in essence living a much better life than the family that came before me. This is a wild perspective that makes my life original. 


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