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Jill Jacinto -The Original Millennial Aerial Ellis
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What do you think is the worst misconception generally believed about millennials?


That we are lazy and don't work hard.



What is your definition of a leader?


Someone who people follow because they want to not because they have to.



What are you most proud of in your career thus far?


Being able to build my business from the ground up and continuing to have it grow at such a young age. I work really hard and often times, I am not taken seriously because I am so young. Being able to overcome that obstacle is very rewarding. 



What inspires you most to do the work that you do?


I love making the world a more beautiful place and helping people bring their ideas into reality. Working with start up businesses, learning all about their ideas, and working closely with them to take their ideas to the next level really inspires me. 



What major impact do you see millennials making in the business and community?


We are changing things. We care more about social causes and being happy in a position over loyalty and over money. 



What advice do you have for millennials about to enter the workforce?


Give your job a chance. Often times, millennials are too quickly jumping ship, and switching from job to job. Think about what makes you happy and set goals for yourself. 



What makes you an original millennial?


I would say owning a business has given me a lot of different experiences and has allowed me to become a better person and a better leader. I have really learned alot and I am able to continue to build my small but mighty team of millennials.




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